7th Annual International

FASD Awareness Day
September 9th 2005


International FAS Awareness Day was founded by Bonnie Buxton

and Brian Philcox of FASworld and Teresa Kellerman of Fasstar



Helping New Orleans



Senate Resolution 141 : Whereas the term "fetal alcohol spectrum disorders" includes a broader range of conditions and therefore has replaced the term "fetal alcohol syndrome'' as the umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy;...  Congressional Record: http://fasday.com/2005SenRes141.htm



Click on the map to see where FASD Awareness Day activities were planned for 2005.  To see a detailed listing of all 150 FASDAY participants who shared their plans on the FASDAY mail list: http://fasday.com/FASDayWorld2005.pdf  To get your FASDay event on the map, join the FASDay mail list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FASDAY/ .  Some of the events that were submitted are included below.




Alaska, Anchorage:  Cheri Scott of Stone Soup Group reports that the Anchorage event included among speakers: the Mayor, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Minority Chair, and the most moving speaker was a young mother who had received services while she was pregnant.  There were dance groups who performed, a poem read, and a guitar duo that have everyone crying and singing.  The finale was "Teach Your Children Well."  For students, there was the kick-off for a prevention poster contest, and the school channel ran FASD videos all day long.


Alaska, Kenai:  Vickie Tinker, FAS program coordinator for Frontier Community Services in Soldotna reported that the ceremony at Erik Hansen Scout Park on the bluff above the mouth of the Kenai River began with drumming by the Heartbeat of Mother Earth Drummers, followed by a moment of silence or those born with FASD and the bell rang nine times a minute later.  The event was covered in local news: http://fasday.com/2005Kenai.htm.


Arizona, Lake Havasu City: Don and Vicki Brewster gave a presentation on FASD for local educators.  The Brewsters are certified trainers for The Arc and incorporate personal stories about raising three adopted children who have invisible forms of FASD.  Their awareness raising efforts were covered in their local paper: http://fasday.com/2005LakeHavasu.htm.


bagpiperArizona, Tucson:  Activists gathered to hear bagpipes and bells in downtown Tucson at 9:09 a.m.   Neal Flint, leader of the Seven Pipers, played his bagpiper as everyone gathered in the beautiful courtyard of the Cathedral of St. Augustine in downtown Tucson.  Then the cathedral bells rang for a minute of reflection.  The governor's proclamation was read by Representative Tom Prezelski, who urged "all parents to write to their legislators, not just Teresa" as this is how systems will change.  Prayers and poems and personal sharing was followed by a courtyard "BreakFASD" of coffee, lemonade, and sweetrolls.  In the afternoon, all were invited to an Open House at the FAS Community Resource Center to celebrate 10 years of raising awareness in Tucson.  Announcement:  http://fasday.com/AZFASDAY2005.htm


California, Los Angeles:  Diane Kerchner reports that the Governor of California signed a proclamation, and that the governor of Los Angeles issued one as well.  Press Release: http://fasday.com/LAprocPR2005.doc Diane published an excellent FASDay newsletter here: http://fasday.com/LAnews2005.doc where you can read beautiful tributes to Christopher Surbey and an excellent article by Kari Fletcher "The Hands."  Read Diane's FASDay message here: http://fasday.com/2005LosAngeles.htm.


NineZero logo California, Riverside:  On September 9th, Eva Carner of CAL-FAS and Jim Stream of Arc Riverside launched the National NineZero Awareness Campaign: http://ninezero.org/fasday.html  Click here to see new FASD Awareness Flash: http://www.ninezero.org/flash/comm.html   Learn more about the NineZero campaign here: http://ninezero.org/


Colorado, Denver:  Medical group asks local churches to join in bell concordance.  Metropolitan Denver Medical Societies Alliance is asked the governor to sign a proclamation and put a call out to churches, synagogues and city offices to join in the worldwide bell concordance.  Press release: http://fasday.com/2005Colorado.htm


Colorado, Steamboat Springs:  One activist decided to make a difference in her community and made up posters that she distributed to libraries, law enforcement offices, stores, and even bars, raising awareness everywhere she went.  She also distributed 50 ZineZero bracelents that she had purchased from www.ninezero.org. Kamr46@aol.com is responsible for motivating the folks who organized the huge FASDay event in Denver.


Pregnant Pause Logo Minnesota, Minneapolis: MOFAS Pregnant Pause:  Pregnant Pause is an event that raises awareness about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.  Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to a child being born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).  The event includes a non-alcoholic drink making competition, where “mixologists” compete for prizes and the recognition of having made the best drink.  Pregnant women serve as judges and drawings are held to award door prizes to both judges and pregnant women attending the event, which take place in Minneapolis and in Mankato.  http://www.mofas.org/pregnantpause.htm  Read Jodee Kulp's FASDay letter to her daughter Liz: http://fasday.com/2005Jodee.htm.


Phone The Honorable Susan Carlson, former First Lady of Minnesota and founder of MOFAS, was featured on a worldwide internet radio show on Thursday, September 8th on Voice of America: www.voiceamerica.com.  People can click here to listen to the broadcast.


Texas, Austin:  Texas Teratogen Information Service announced a free pregnancy risk phone counseling service.  Governor Perry signed a proclamation: http://www.main.org/texasfasc/release_2003_09_09.html




Alberta's Northwest Regional FASD Society is hosted a community barbeque, a fridge magnet campaign, and a placemat project. http://www.nwr-fasd.ab.ca/fevents.html


British Columbia, Chilliwack:  Activist Debra Haas gave a talk at her church, where bells rang and posters were posted, and information handed out.


British Columbia, Victoria: A luncheon celebrating the International Day of Recognition got underway on September 9, 2005. The theme of the event, "Coming Full Circle", symbolizes a place where those with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are included in the full circle of life in our community. Press Release: http://fasday.com/2005victoriapr.htm 


Manitoba, Winnipeg: Val Surbey reports that the Winnipeg group walked from the Forks to the Legislature building carrying signs from the Fetal Alcohol Family Association. Once there, lunch was served to all participants and speeches were made by our Lieutenant Governor, leader of the Liberal Party in Manitoba, Jon Gerrard and Judy Wasylycia-Leis, our MP for Ottawa. Judy talked about Christopher and Raymond and how tragic it is that society is letting our children down. Greetings were brought from Teresa Oswald, Minister of Healthy Living, Manitoba, although greetings from Family Services were conspicuously absent.  There were about 200 participants.  A moment of silence was held for Christopher Surbey and for Raymond Crowder, both young men in Winnipeg who lost their lives in violent attacks and had FASD.  Christophers memorial: http://www.come-over.to/fasstar/faspix/chrissurbey.htm


Ontario's Prevention Clearinghouse project: Working Together We Can Prevent FASD.  BC has produced several new resources to assist in planning for FASday including posters, handouts, stickers, mall signs, bus ads, bookmarks, and more.   Download materials to use in your community in Canada!  "You can make a difference." http://www.beststart.org/fas_day/index.html



Ontario, Ottawa:  Local community groups observed a moment of silence at 9 minutes after 9 on the ninth day of September at Ben Franklin Place.  News report:  http://www.cfra.com/headlines/index.asp?cat=1&nid=31786


Ontario, Sudbury: The fifth annual Mocktail Party took place at Market Square. "This year, together with communities across the province, we are delivering the message that 'zero alcohol for the nine months of pregnancy prevents fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,'" states a news release from the FASD Network of Sudbury- Manitoulin. The Mocktail Party featured a non-alcoholic cocktail bar and a light lunch, with a performance by the Shkagamik-kwe Health Centre's children's drumming group. 

Ontario, Toronto:  The 6th FACE Research Roundtable, Friday, Sept. 9, 2005 was organized by the Motherisk Program in cooperation with the Canadian Mothercraft Society :See details here:  http://www.motherisk.org/JFAS in the News/Events section.





France: Reunion Island and Madagascar:  Doctor Thierry Maillard of RÉUNISAF shares their plans:  "We have the visit of our senators in Reunion Island for the 9th and a huge prevention program.  We have also an Association giving more than 70 meeting around France.  We prepare a concert in Madagascar with prevention FASD messages from the artists themselves, which will be shown on TV."  Photos slide show here: http://www.reunisaf.org/albums/9sept2005/ 


Germany:  Siggrid reports that several radio and television interview took place, one with Dr. Feldman, and one with adults who have FASD.  A symposium took place on September 10th.  Read Siggrid's memorial letter to Ann Gibson, founder of FASworld Germany: http://www.faskinder.de/ann.htm


South Africa, Cape Town: Vivien and Peter Lourens have put FASD on the map!  "We are being given an opportunity to showcase some information on FAS and our idea is to built the info around a world map. We would like to place bright red stickers on the map showing where our FAS community is based. If you would like to be part of this, could you send me the name of your Town, Province, State and Country.  Email plourens@mweb.co.za.  World FAS Day report here: http://allafrica.com/stories/200509090464.html


United Kingdom, Wigan England: Gloria and Peter Armistead's young son who has FAS participated in a radio interview. "If you were to ask me how I feel, I feel like a square peg in a round hole.  Can you help us, its the International FAS awareness day on the 9th Sept 2005.  If there are any mums out there that are pregnant or thinking about being pregnant.  Think before you drink - the damage lasts a lifetime!  There is no know safe amount of alcohol consumption when pregnant."

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