September 9, 2005

Dear Liz

Today is the day 6 years ago ( that you and I spoke at the Federal Court House with the governor and his wife. It was 9.9.99 at 9:09 am and it was the beginning of the ringing of the bells around the world to let people know about Fetal Alcohol and to make a difference. You were 13 years old. It was six months after we found out you had a brain injury because your mother drank alcohol when she was pregnant. It was before Mo’Angels. It was when you still had dreams and wanted help to reach your dreams. We joined together to work hard to help you be the best you could be. We believed in each other. We trusted each other. Together we discovered paths to walk on while you grew stronger. You were a pioneer in those discoveries. I and the other children in the world are grateful. 

But, somewhere in the last two years you have become a lost little girl in the big adult world. Your heart and my heart have broken again and again. Sometimes I wonder if I have any heart left to fight this battle of fetal alcohol.  My sweet daughter, now a young woman, today my heart breaks again. My dreams, our dreams are not realized. The dream of many other children and adults of FASD.

The dream of a HAPPY and SAFE ADULT LIFE for you. 

            You no longer want to hold my hand or listen to my wisdom.  Your disability holds you back from your happiness and safety because you chose not to accept it.

Today is a day to begin Making Your Difference one tiny step at a time.

1.      Find safe places to have fun.

2.      Make friends that won't hurt you.

3.      Ask for help from people you can trust.

4.      Keep your life simple.

My love and prayers will always be with you.                     


I Love You Always - Mom


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