8th Annual International

FASD Awareness Day
September 9th 200


International FAS Awareness Day was founded by Bonnie Buxton

and Brian Philcox of FASworld and Teresa Kellerman of Fasstar



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Click on the map to see where FASD Awareness Day activities took place as reported in 2005.  To see a detailed listing of all 150 FASDAY participants who shared their plans on the FASDAY mail list: http://fasday.com/FASDayWorld2005.pdf   To read about all the events that took place in 2005, visit http://fasday.com/2005news.htm  



FASDAY 2006 events are posted below.  To get your FASDay event included here, join the FASDay mail list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FASDAY/ .



On July 12, the Senate approved, by unanimous consent, a resolution (S. Res. 499) designating September 9, 2006, as “National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day.”

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), contains a number of findings, including:

* the incidence rate of fetal alcohol syndrome is estimated at 1 out of 500 live births and the incidence rate of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders is estimated at 1 out of every 100 live births;
* fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are the leading cause of mental retardation in western civilization, including the United States, and are 100 percent preventable;
* fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are a major cause of numerous social disorders, including learning disabilities, school failure, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, unemployment, mental illness, and crime; and
* the economic cost of fetal alcohol syndrome alone to the nation was $5.4 billion in 2003 and it is estimated that each individual with fetal alcohol syndrome will cost taxpayers between $1.5 million and $3 million in his or her lifetime.

Sen. Murkowski said, “By abstaining from the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy a woman can be 100 percent certain that her baby will not be born with any of the conditions regarded as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Every day of the year we must remind women that no amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy is safe for their baby. No alcohol during pregnancy is safe. None at all.”

Full story: http://www.womenspolicy.org/thesource/article.cfm?ArticleID=2095

U.S. Legislation: Senate Resolution 1722 and House Resolution 4212: Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services ActThe new legislation would increase the focus on efforts to identify individuals with FASD through advances in brain-imaging techniques, development of pharmaceutical treatments, and isolation of genetic markers for the disorder. The legislation would require the dissemination of information about best practices to facilities that treat children and adults with FASD, including community health centers, juvenile justice centers, and special education programs. It would also authorize grants to State, tribal, and local organizations to develop better methods of treatment and curriculums to educate young people about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy. For more information, visit http://www.come-over.to/FAS/FASDlegislation109th.htm


Butterfly MaskArizona, Tucson:  Activist Teresa Kellerman reports plans for a Magical Mystery Tour.  After the traditional ringing of the bells, the Butterfly Fable will be acted out through a drama.  Then everyone will enjoy fun and games with the FASD Magical Mystery Tour where participants will discover the mystery of FASD.  This will be followed by a reception to honor community leaders with refreshments, prizes, more music, and a few magic tricks to educate everyone about FASD.  Check it out:  http://fasarizona.com/FASDayMMT.htm.  Watch the slide show here: http://fasday.com/2006AZ/index.htm


Georgia, Atlanta:  Activist Alberta Mirambeau reports that the Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities (AADD), is hosting the 1st Annual Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Awareness Day 5K Run-Walk, which will be held on September 9th at Grant Park in Atlanta.  If you would like to participate or support the AADD efforts, contact Alberta alberta@aadd. org


Michigan, Macomb County : Activist Cherisse reports: The MCFARES (Macomb County Fetal Alcohol Resource Education and Support) Coalition will be sponsoring a free 9-pin bowling event for families affected by FASD, teens (to spread the message of prevention) and anyone else interested in learning about FASD.  We plan to have a moment of silence at 9 minutes after each hour during the event, we will have vendors from area agencies/programs that provide services to families, with television and news media coverage.


Pregnant Pause LogoMinnesota, Minneapolis: MOFAS Pregnant Pause:  Activist Jennifer Steive reports plans for Pregnant Pause, an event that includes a non-alcoholic drink making competition, where “mixologists” competed for prizes and the recognition of having made the best drink.  Pregnant women will serve as judges and drawings will be held to award door prizes to the pregnant women attending the event.  Pregnant Pause will be held in FIVE locations in Minnesota!  MOFAS is hosting the event in three locations: Mankato, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth.  Two of MOFAS's grantees are hosting events in their communities: Project Harmony in Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Counties and FASDRN in Washington County.  More information: http://www.mofas.org/pregnantpause.htm.

Ohio, Toledo:  Activist/Mom Kimberlie Morris is organizing an event at  the Toledo Mud Hens ( Detroit Tiger's farm team) game on September 3rd.  There will be an information booth to hand out FASD literature, and we will get to throw out the first pitch of the game, with matching t-shirts , a FASD awareness bracelet, knot pin, and FASD info., a ticket to the game, and an invitation to FASD day activities.  It is my hope that we can generate enough people to do a walk of sorts, on September 9th, with 1 group starting in Toledo, and another from Bowling Green and meet where the 2 counties meet over the Maumee river, with a passing of the "torch to light the way for our kid's who have FASD" along the way every 2 miles, ending up with Wood and Lucas Counties joining forces for the signing of a proclamation naming Sept. 9th, 2006 FASD day in both counties. 

Rhode Island, Pawtucket: Arc activist Anne Rule and intern Odilia DeGouveia are planning Rhode Island's first ever FASDay event, a walk which will join a Blue Cross walk for health and wellness at 9:00 am.  The FASD group will have their own shirts and will pause at 9:09 for a moment of silence.


New Brunswick, Moncton: Motherrisk Hospital of Toronto will host the 7th Annual Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise (FACE) Research Roundtable at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Details here: http://www.motherisk.org/JFAS/econtent_conferences.jsp

Victoria, BC.: Counsellor Ken Kissinger inspires others who have FASD at fundraising event organized by Dave Gerry at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre.  Article here: Victoria Times Colonist




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