FASD Awareness Day 2003

Reports From Around the World


Photo: "Boy with FAS and Butterfly" - ©2004 Teresa Kellerman
Song: "Butterfly" ©2004 Bruce DeBoer used with permission


The following reports were submitted by activists on the FASDAY mail list, compiled by Teresa Kellerman of Tucson, Arizona, and Christine Rogan of Auckland, New Zealand. Hundreds of other events took place that are not posted here.  This is just a sample.



“South Australia reported a successful FASDay handing out FAS knot bookmarks and alcohol and pregnancy brochures at our local university. Many of the students had not heard of FAS and asked questions.  In the evening a celebratory dinner was held to enable Australian FASD advocates who formed the National Organisation for FAS and Related Disorders (NOFASARD) to meet face to face for the first time.  One FASD volunteer spoke about FASD at a conference for Aboriginal Education Workers, many of whom knew nothing about heavy use of alcohol in aboriginal communities.

Sue Miers




2003 FASDAY Reports from Canada: http://fasday.com/FASDAY2003Canada.htm

Bonnie Buxton and Brian Philcox, Toronto, Ontario



German Government Spokeswoman for Addictions gave out a press release today warning about the dangers of alcohol in pregnancy on the occasion of International FAS DAY on the 9th Sept., or in German "Welttag des Alkoholgeschädigten Kindes"!!!!!!
Ann Gibson

Great Britain

FASaware UK issued press releases and visited the Home Office in London to discuss harm reduction strategies for FASD.  A large advertising company developed a high profile advertsing campaign for FAS and launched it on 9th September.

Gloria & Peter Armistead




2003 was a first for Ireland with the launch of FASD Awareness day there thanks to the efforts of one family.  Posters were put up in as many places as possible with a link to the website www.fasireland.org . A talk was given at a local high school and a meeting held with social services staff to increase their knowledge and generate interest.  A drive to Dublin the next day to begin developing a constitution for Foetal Alcohol Support Ireland added to this successful Irish first.

Veronika McHugh


Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Healthy Start Project at the Department of Health prepared a proclamation to be signed by the Secretary of health and each of the 8 Health Regions organised an FASDay activity.

Teresa Taboas

Puerto Rico Healthy Start Project Coordinator


Reunion Island

A new member to join FASWORLD was the French speaking Island of Reunion situated 700 km east of Madagascar.  In the 17th Century the island used to be called Isle Bourbon.  The Doctor heading FASDay events for the island advises that FASD is a major problem for them.

Dr Theirry Maillard

President of a French FAS care and research group, Reunisaf


South Africa

Read about our BreakFAS, Bell Ringing, Radio Interview and more in this report: International FASDAY 2003 in South Africa
Vivian Lourens
Cape Town


United States

2003 FASDAY Reports from USA: http://fasday.com/FASDAY2003USA.htm

Teresa Kellerman

Tucson, Arizona


New Zealand

In South Auckland, Lavea’i Trust held a Pacific “Break FASD” and a morning seminar on FASD with guest speakers.  The Open Home Foundation, a national foster care organisation arranged for two of Auckland’s oldest churches to ring steeple bells at 9.09am. In the Waikato an MP launched the day which included displays in local libraries.  Alcohol Healthwatch Trust organised a “Where to from Here?” action meeting calling for future action to replace the work previously carried out by the Fetal Alcohol New Zealand Trust which had to close its doors this year.  

Christine Rogan

Health Promotion Advisor for Alcohol Healthwatch






FAS Community Resource Center

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