"Bonnie in a Box"


FASD Awareness Project


Have you read Bonnie Buxton's book "Damaged Angels" yet?  If you have then you know that this is the best book yet on FASD.  Bonnie combines her personal experience as the adoptive parent of Colette (who has ARND), many stories related to her by other parents, and well researched information on all the issues related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, including a dynamite chapter on the criminal justice system.


Bonnie's book was published in Canada in 2004, and is now available in the USA with the inclusion of more stories and reports from the states.  Read the reviews and order your copy here.


What is "Bonnie in a Box" you ask?  This is your challenge to buy an entire box of books.  What will you do with a box of books?  Distribute a copy to each library or college or high school in your community.  How can you pay for such a big order?  Get a corporate donation from a business or agency in your community.  


Here's the good part!  You can buy a box of 10 or 24 or 48 of the U.S. version at wholesale (50% off) from the U.S. publisher, Carroll & Graff (Avalon).  Email Avalon special sales manager Tom Lupoff in Emeryville, CA at tom.lupoff@avalonpub.com, or call (510) 595-3664, ext. 317. The price is 50% off the $15.95 cover price ($7.98 each), plus actual freight, via FedEx Ground, FOB, Indianapolis, IN.  There are 24 copies in a case, but minimum order is 10 books.  Your order must be prepaid by credit card.  Delivery takes 10-14 days.  Contact special sales manager Tom Lupoff with billing address (with phone), shipping address (with phone), and a credit card number with expiration date and name on the card.  Orders will be process through the distributor, Publishers Group West (PGW).  

For those of you in Canada, contact Marlene Fraser of Random House at Knopf at mfraser@randomhouse.com or call (905) 624-0672 (ext. 3097) for bulk orders.


If you accept this challenge and buy a box of books, make a note of the libraries where you place books, and please send a report to Bonnie Buxton so she can keep a tally of how many we are able to place through this "Bonnie in a Box" project.  Bonnie's email at FASworld Canada is fasworldcanada@rogers.com


If each person who reads this buys a box of “Damaged Angels,” we could get a book into each of the 123,000 public libraries in the U.S.   Don't wait until FASD Awareness Day.  Let's go get Bonnie's book out of the box and on those library shelves today! Buy another box of books, and your holiday gift shopping is done early.


Save a copy as a prize to give away at your FASD Awareness Day event.


Damaged Angels


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