International FASD Awareness Day 2004

Reunion Island


Here, in France...I mean in Reunion Island we planned for the second year the FASDAY :

We have the support of TV, newspapers, radios. During a week they will speak about FASD. This month, we will show a national TV movie called "alcohol's baby" both in Reunion and in France.
All the politician seems to be concerned. We prepare also a National FASD Day Resolution in the Senat. You know the progress we made but there is so much to do

We might prevent the FASD in different city of the island, this year we presented expositions at the entry of the biggest supermarkets

We also had expositions in some hospitals, town halls and schools

A medical conference "FASD from yesterday to today"

A huge distribution of knots to medical care givers and in different shows

Of course the bell concordance, with the natural mothers who asked the priest to ring the bell

Excuse my poor English. But I'm happy to practice sometimes. Meanwhile, Is there any FAS group in French ?

Congratulations for all of you.  We are each day better together

Docteur Thierry Maillard

3 rue Marius Ary Leblond B.P 205
97899 SAINT-LOUIS Cedex 03



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