FASD Day USA 2004



Just wanted to share my FAS day with everyone. As I has mentioned a couple of week's ago our local( Toledo ) FAS diagnostic clinic had invited me to go to Columbus to testify before the Town Hall commitee on FAS. WOW - what a day it turned out to be. Michael came to stay with Mauda for me so that I could go. There were about 10 of us from Toledo, including Mauda's peditritian, the director's from Double ARC, a grandmother, another adoptive mom, the local director from the health department, and me.

The panel we testified to consisted of the first lady of Ohio, Hope Taft (what an advocate for us and our kids), the directors of Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services, Ohio Dept. of Health, Ohio Dept of Drug and Alcohol, Ohio Dept of Mental Health, Ohio Dept of MR/DD, a couple of doctors, a Senator, and a Congressman.

It was awesome. I showed them Mauda's picture and one of Claudia's bumper stickers, and related the story of Mauda's birth, the diagnosis nightmare, and the help from our pediatrition, Double Arc, the problems getting her mental health assistanc, etc. Before I was half way finished, most of the panel was weeping, I was so choked up, I could barely speak, but kept telling myself that I owed it to Mauda to tell her story. Anyway, after the meeting ended, the directors of MR/DD and ODMH said they would be in touch to get involved with the task force. And Mrs.Taft said she would be in touch. So I guess I said something right or they saw my precious baby's picture and couldn't help themselves.  But I truly left there feeling we had all accomplished something very significant. Sorry this is so long, but I'm very excited and wanted to share it with you all.

Kim Morris


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