FASDAY 2003 Ninilchik, Alaska


Hi from the soon to be winter wonderland:


Ninilchik Traditional Council: Ninilchik Indian Tribe's FAS Day went pretty good for the first time.


We did the PSA's over the local radio stations, newspaper items and releases and so forth.  Had the posters, brochures and invitations sent out or handed out.


A representative from Mayor Bagley's office of the Kenai Borough came and read the Mayor's proclamation, we read the Gov.' Proclamation, and it went very well.


The turnout from the communities was not great, but then again, this was the first time any sort of awareness day or program had ever been presented in Ninilchik and for the other tiny towns.


Reps from other agencies such as PRIDE and mental health and clinics did come and did stay for the entire half day.  We had some wonderful, thought provoking, learning, heated, discussions.  All of us learned a great deal and my supervisor was so excited about everything.  She was so impressed and wants my department--Adult Alcohol Prevention Programs--to head up a meeting with the agencies who did attend.


Yesterday I got a call from an agency in Kenai who had heard through the "grapevine" about out FAS Day and was calling about it.  She could hardly contain herself about this.  We are going to meet with her and with an organization called Bridges.


All in all-it was terrific.  The local restaurants, bars, liquor stores and tiny mom and pop operations are still handing out the napkins  and balloons.


We are involved and we surge forward into the future of the Ninilchik Indians with the goal of 0 babies born with FASD.





AAP Manager